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Where impeccable design and intricate strategy collide.
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Where we help small businesses do BIG BUSINESS!

The Brand Xperience Lounge is a full-service Branding & Experiential Marketing Agency for small businesses. We help creatives, coaches, consultants and service professionals monetize their expertise and position themselves as the PREMIER choice in their industry.




The foundation of every business is in it's BRAND DNA - the internal components that makeup who you are, what you do and why, and how you get it done. It's not just about the product or service itself, but in the systems you use to get your product in the right hands at the right time.

Are you struggling with any of the following?:

Business Model & Experience Design | Positioning & Messaging | Client Profiling | Packages & Pricing
If the answer is yes, then The Brand Xperience Lounge is the solution for you! Think of us as your brand architects, creating the blueprint for your business, so you can get to work doing what you love.

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Here we like to think of ourselves as brand style GODs and solution wizards, who creatively align your inner thoughts and vision for your brand with concrete actions that generate IMPACT and INCOME. Think extreme makeover on steroids! lol But seriously, who doesn't love a well-designed AND well-built house?

Are you struggling with any of the following?:

Brand Design | Product Design (physical & digital) | Web/UX Design | Event Design | Creative Direction | Campaign Design | Image Consutling
If the answer is yes, then The Brand Xperience Lounge is the solution for you! Our brand stylists combine fashion & style, with intricate design and simplistic elegance.

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Launching a business is just the first step, managing the day-to-day workflow, customers, vendors and sales processes is a whole different set of rules and responsibilities.

Are you struggling with any of the following?:

Digital Marketing | Funnels & Automation | Product Development | Pitching & Presenting | Live Events
If the answer is yes, then The Brand Xperience Lounge is the solution for you! Our signature coaching and consulting programs creates an effective blueprint for you to introduce, launch, test and measure your business idea.

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  • "My experience was amazing, I learned a lot about myself. Because I am a clinician I don’t often get to debrief some of the issues that I face regarding the goals and objectives of my company. I really enjoyed the one-on-one, undivided attention because it allowed my ideas to flow freely, and Jasmine was able to connect the dots and create a clear plan of action for my next steps. I honestly wish I would have done this earlier, because it allowed me to release my fear of going to the next level. I thought it would be difficult to make the transition from non-profit CEO into the for-profit sector, but P2P allowed me to see that I can take the same skill set and foundation I founded my company on and transition it into my new brand/business."

    Zina Age - Atlanta, GA
    Non-Profit CEO & Founder of We Want to Know, Inc.
  • "The knowledge, expertise and attention to detail from P2P Branded was paramount in the development of my new brand. Working with Jasmine and Tyra was the absolute best thing I could do for my business, as they are able to pull out information and ideas that you could never think of yourself. I gained extensive clarity around the direction of my business, products/services and processes, some of which I didn’t even know I needed. If your are on a quest to become a better and more profound CEO/Executive or Entrepreneur, my recommendation is to reach out to P2P Branded and schedule your session today."

    Terry T. Budget, South Carolina
    Corporate Leadership Trainer, Alpha Success Leadership Academy
  • "Working with P2P has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. The level of service and expertise was exactly what I was looking for, and their creative process was exactly what I needed to take my ideas from vision to completed. I highly recommend working with P2P. They are more than a branding company they truly build empowered, prosperous brands with your purpose centered at the core."

    Tiana Patrice - Dothan, AL
    International Speaker & Author, Founder of the Women's CEO Alliance


We help rising Entrepreneurs build high-end, profitable brands; stuck and burnt out CEO’s, develop systems to scale and grow their businesses without sacrificing their quality of life; and Service Professionals who want to monetize their skillset, while maximizing their impact and income.

+ Speakers, Authors & Coaches
+ Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneurs
+ Nonprofit Executives
+ Doctors, Nurses & Health Professionals
+ Legal & Financial Experts
+ Hospitality Professionals
+ Churches & Ministries
+ Retail & E-commerce Brands + More



Jasmine & Tyra Dyson, Founders
We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to change the trajectory of a family, a community and a nation. When you support a small business you’re not just buying products and services, you’re putting a first generation college student through college, providing school supplies for a local middle school, supporting a community sports team, etc. Small businesses donate 250% more to local non-profits and community causes than larger corporations (via score), so their impact on a macro level is much greater than the “big boys”. We grow up watching the local store owner poor into our community, while working tirelessly for 30+ years only to still be struggling to ”stay-around”. Meanwhile 7-eleven and Walgreens have swooped into the neighborhood to provide “more options”, but not nearly the same level of impact. Why can't she compete on a larger scale? Why aren’t there a chain of her stores within a 5mile radius, like the 4 fast-food restaurants we passed on the way there? Why hasn’t she passed the torch to the young men and women she's mentored and provided jobs to; why aren’t they now running the business?


We want to help Small Businesses make a
BIGGER IMPACT on the world!


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