3 Benefits of CRM in Your Marketing

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficultly lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein.

Wednesday is the first day of spring and we all know what that means, it’s time for SPRING CLEANING. I know some of you may have rituals for how to attack the laundry list of house chores you’ve been putting off since the new year, but what do you have planned for your business? While decluttering your space you should also take this opportunity to declutter your lifeline. Take inventory, review processes, learn new systems and sift through old files/data that need to be organized. Your life and business should operate in harmony with one another to continually produce great results. Here are 5 tips for starting the spring cleaning process and why it’s important to your future success…

  • Set the Intention

    Changes in seasons represent a time of reflection and renewal, but like all things, it’s great to start out with a plan. What tasks have you been meaning to complete for the last 6-9months that you haven’t gotten around to? What new system/software have you been meaning to learn? What list do you need to organize? Set a goal to complete at least 1-3 tasks on your “should have done list” and set the intention before you start the “Spring Cleaning” process.

  • Declutter Your Mind

    When most people think about spring cleaning they immediately go to this one, however do you know that decluttering your space and decluttering your mind, all go hand in hand? While decluttering your home or workspace, use this “still time” to brain-dump all those ideas that have been floating around in your head for months. You never know how many opportunities and hidden gems you’ve been procrastinating on until you see it all written down in plain sight.

  • Do A Clean Sweep…On Your Processes

    Everybody knows I’m the Beta Test Queen. I believe that testing and measuring a system or process for 90 days can tell you much of what you need to know to refine or get rid of it. But what about those things that we’ve been doing for one/two years, not because it’s working, but because it’s familiar. I know, I’m guilty too smh. Let’s both commit to doing a clean sweep of anything that has not produced tangible results for us in the last 6months to a year. Sometimes true success lies on the other side of our ability to just let go of one thing, and make room for the right thing. Say it with me…RELEASE!

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