Day 1: Brand Strategy Session

A Brand Strategy Session is your opportunity to get laser-focused strategic guidance in one important area of your business. Get high-level coaching, strategy and support for vital business processes in the following areas:

Positioning & Messaging Strategy

The foundation to every great brand strategy is a clearly defined mission, message and methodology. In order to execute the vision, you must first clarify your mandate and market position which create the framework for all future business decisions. Defining who you are, who you serve and what you’re looking to achieve will set the stage for marketing that penetrates and converts, putting you on a path to brand dominance.

Monetization Strategy

Businesses exist to meet consumer needs and generate profits. Good ideas are only good business ideas if they make enough money to sustain and grow the idea. If you’re struggling to package, price and earn money from your product, service, image or intellectual property then an effective monetization strategy will take the guesswork out of that process. 

Creative Brand Strategy

In the modern tech/social age visuals have become the star of the show. Whether you want to or not, your brand MUST deliver high-quality creative content in order to build the know-like-trust factor with your target audience. Because today’s consumer is inundated with thousands of images per day, your brand must find unique ways to “stop the scroll” and develop creative assets that quickly capture your audience in a real and meaningful way. 

Systems & Ops Strategy

Great systems fuel business growth. Powered by analytics and automation, systems can help you maximize your visibility, productivity and profitability. The backend of your business can be the most complicated and often the most stressful part of what you do, so taking the guesswork out of sales, marketing, onboarding, fulfillment, customer service, project management, etc. can be a game-changer. Systems create efficiency, standardizes results and maximizes outcomes.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Business has gone digital. Around 80% of consumers are first introduced to a business or brand online, thus making digital real estate the most important (and impactful) tool for attracting and acquiring customers. But simply building a house on the internet streets is not enough, you need a omni channel approach that connects the right customer, to the right content, at the right time. Email, social media and content marketing are just tools until they are used strategically to drive sales.