The Biggest Branding Mistake Most Startups Make…

Building a brand is like introducing yourself to the same person every day and hoping that one day they’ll stop to engage in conversation with you, and eventually…agree to go out on a date.

It’s a consistent and ongoing process that only yields results over time.

If done correctly, brand-building will position you as the Premier Choice in the hearts and minds of your target audience. It will make you the must-have solution to their problem, and the only option when referring their friends, family, and colleagues.

It builds trust, familiarity, and loyalty that only you have the power to create and maintain.

Branding is the process of creating a strong, positive perception of a company, its products and services through tangible and intangible attributes.

The foundation of good branding is… I’ll give you a hint, starts with a strat- ends with a -gy, that’s right STRATEGY!

Your Brand Strategy is the foundational roadmap for all future company decisions because it highlights the most important aspect of who you are and why you exist. In an ever-changing business landscape, it’s easy to get “shiny object syndrome” and forget what your brand is trying to accomplish.

Without it, your brand can’t effectively position itself as a market leader because the people who matter (your customers and stakeholders) may not even know you exist (ouch!)

So how do you begin to develop an effective brand strategy?…I’m glad you asked!

During this session you want to include all vital company personnel and stakeholders to clarify the company vision and brand objectives.

a. What problem do we solve?
b. What need do we meet?
c. What desire do we fulfill?

a. What individual or organization has the EXACT problem we are looking to solve?
b. What common characteristics do they share?
c. Are there enough of them to make this business sustainable?

a. How does my solution directly address their problem?
b.What makes my solution different or better than my competitors?
c. What can I promise or guarantee to every customer/client I work with?

After you’ve clarified this foundational idea, now you’re ready to put together the plan/document. Each brand strategy document should include the following

  • Your company objectives (mission, vision, core values)
  • Your target audience profile (demographics & psychographics)
  • Your core messaging framework (brand story & marketing messages)
  • Your visual identity & personality (logo, styling & assets)
  • Your marketing & communications plan (distribution channels, systems & content framework)

Once completed, this document should be used to create your core offers, build your strategic marketing plan and inform your hiring and personnel decisions. The people and processes you use to run your business should be in alignment with your clearly defined brand strategy. It keeps both you and your team in alignment with the promise to your customers and community.

Some benefits of a clearly defined brand strategy include:

  • Reduced advertising budgets due to focused efforts
  • Clear direction for marketing campaigns and content creation
  • Improved quality of leads which generates more sales
  • Stronger employee engagement and commitment
  • Increased financial value for your company & more

As you can see, your brand strategy is the blueprint for your brand’s success, without it, you’re sure to waste countless time, money, and manpower. 

To develop your winning Brand Strategy contact none other than our team here at The Brand Xperience Lounge. We are masters at clarifying, communicating, and executing vision, positioning your company as the go-to authority in your industry. We value innovation, diversity, and disruption putting the unique needs of your customer at the forefront of your brand development.

Click here to book your session, or shoot us an email if you have additional questions –

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