Strategic Roadmap Session

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Jasmine O. Dyson, Brand Strategist

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I know what it’s like to feel stuck in your business. To have a million ideas or fires to put out and no clear direction on what to tackle first.

Whether you’re looking to organize your business, streamline your marketing and sales processes, or rollout a new product or service, a strategic roadmap session is the perfect way to get you started.

This 1-1 diagnostic session begins with an intense business audit and brain dump to evaluate your current state of affairs, then we’ll begin to map out a plan to execute your desired business outcomes.

Here’s What We’ll Discuss:

Who you are, why you exist and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Who you’re looking to serve, what position you want to occupy in the marketplace and how you’ll get the word out.

How you’ll deliver your product or service, the tools/tech and resources you’ll need to do so, and what backend systems you’ll need to manage it all.

You’ll leave with a Strategic Action Plan complete with timelines, detailed action items and resources for clear implementation. 

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