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Imagine a space where you come to brainstorm, and create… Where impeccable design and intricate strategy collide… Where systems and processes meets style, and luxury… Welcome to The Brand Xperience Lounge!



A solid infrastructure that allows you to maximize your business outcomes and position your company for future success.



Your business, products and services to attract your ideal client and communicate the quality and value you provide.



Like a pro! Create a killer marketing campaign, activate your promo squad, roll out the red carpet and show up on launch day #likeaboss

“Your brand extends far beyond your products and services, it’s in the experience your customers encounter from initial contact to closure”

~ Jasmine O. Dyson, CEO – The Brand Xperience Lounge

Jasmine & Tyra Dyson, Co-Founders

Jasmine Dyson, CEO

Family Business
Corporate Principles

We believe in the power of small businesses to change the trajectory of a family, a community and a nation. When you support a small business you’re not just buying products and services, you’re putting a first generation college student through college, providing school supplies for a local middle school, supporting a community sports team, etc. Small businesses donate 250% more to local non-profits and community causes than larger corporations (via score), so their impact on a macro level is much greater than the “big boys”. 


We’re here to help you maximize your profits, so you can maximize your impact in the world!


We’re your “all in one” business and branding solution. While we specialize in your messaging, money and methods, our services cover the totality of business building and operations. We’re also a trusted source for high-quality referral partners that provide excellent complimentary services to meet the unique needs of your business.


designed to make you more money with less effort. 


All business operations should stem from a singular strategic focus. Whether you’re launching a new product, service or event the system you use to attract, nature, convert and service your clients should all be strategically planned and executed. Think of us as your brand architects, creating the blueprint for your business, so you can get your product in the right hands at the right time.


Systems simplify your business operations and provide tactical support for your most repetitive business tasks. Having the right systems in place is the difference between a $1,000 launch and a $50,000 launch. Systems allows you to operate your business at scale without the burden of human capital. They also allow you to more accurately measure your impact and predict your profitability.


High-quality visuals evoke a strong emotional connection to your brand. Your visual branding should communicate the story of who you are, what you do and who you serve without any written context or explanation. Proper styling can elevate your brand value and have you consistently in high-demand. Our award-winning designs are artistically crafted to convert on-lookers into buyers, and eventually raving fans and followers.


Proper technique produces profitable performance. How you do what you do is just as important as the results you get. Most times consumers can't see past the messenger to get to the root of the message, so it’s important that your business operations are in alignment with the solutions you provide. A luxury brand is not just about the high-ticket offer, or even stellar quality, it’s about the full-experience. Velvet rope your client experience and watch your profits flourish.
"Your Brand Is A Story Unfolding Across All Customer Touchpoints.”
Jonah Sachs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but there’s a catch! Our team will only work with newly established businesses through our Legendary Launch program. Based on our experience, this is the best course of action to truly maximize your investment and get the results you desire.

Our process is very thorough and detailed no matter what service we provide to your company. While each service has a different outcome all projects start with strategy before implementation. This is our way to ensure that you get the best possible result.

While there is no one size fits all price that will address the needs of every business, we can say that the minimum investment to work with us is $3,000.

If you are an established business the first step is to determine the most pressing need in your business RIGHT NOW. Is it strategy, systems, styling or operations? Once you’ve established your need, then it’s time to book a discovery call. Select the appropriate service from our “work with us” page and hop on a call with our team to determine your next steps.

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Yes. Payments can be split in up to 3 payments, however you can save up to $1,000 by paying in full.