In-Person & Virtual Events

With over 25 years of experience, our Certified Meeting Professionals are ready to transform your next live event into the Ultimate Brand Experience!


Business Events with a social Twist

Our Event Services focus on curating experiences that drive meaningful conversations, education, and advocacy with your prospective clients and members. By incorporating innovative people-centered marketing, we can help you address the motivations, needs, and goals of your audience which will enhance their overall attendee experience and create undeniable brand loyalty. Here’s how we can help your team deliver The Ultimate Brand Event Experience! 

While our events cater to a multitude of business functions, the following is a list of frequently requested projects:

Conferences, Tradeshows & Conventions  |  Workshops, Seminars & Trainings  |  Business & Social Retreats  |  Product Launches  |  Fundraising & Philanthropic Events  |  Awards Banquets & Special Events

The COVID-19 pandemic presented some unique challenges for the Events and Hospitality Industry. As we get “back to business”, our team of Certified Meeting Professionals and Digital Event Strategist have developed safer and smarter ways to give attendees the same great level of service in a smaller package. 


IN-PERSON events

We pride ourselves on producing creative, interactive experiences and exceptional experiential marketing opportunities for our clients. While the global health crisis had a devastating impact on the events industry one thing we have learned is that there are no substitutions for in-person events. We understand more than ever that face to face human interaction is very necessary and essential to conducting business and building a strong community with your clients and stakeholders. The B. Xperience team is more than ready to help our clients get back to business by creating an even more elevated experience for their clients, members, and prospects!


+ Full-Service Event Management and Execution

+ On-site Logistical Coordination

+ Registration & Housing Management

+ Venue & Vendor Contract Negotiation

+ Venue Site, Search, and Selection

+ Project & Budget Management

+ Event Branding & Signage

digital/virtual events

While we have definitely learned that you cannot duplicate or re-create an in-person experience online, we do know that there are opportunities to build virtual experiences that encourage conversations, learning and networking long after the event has ended.

Utilizing this “new way” of virtual conferencing, companies are able to reach a much broader audience through both virtual and hybrid attendance. An increased attendance means increased revenue for your organization – and we’d all say yes to that. Our team is here to help you elevate your virtual event experiences and develop additional revenue generating opportunities through networking, sponsorships, gamification, and virtual trade shows.

I think that we can all agree that online learning and virtual events are here to stay, so our events team is here to help you create the ultimate virtual client engagement experience!

+ Platform Selection

+ Show Flow Management

+ Speaker Management

+ Budget Management

+ Tech Support

+ Video Conferencing

+ Break Out Rooms

+ Q&A Sessions/Polling

+ Music & Entertainment

+ Networking & Engagement

+ Mobile App & Gamification

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